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Transpersonal Psychology is a school that combines spirituality and modern psychology. Trans means beyond and personal means biographical experiences. Transpersonal psychology sees the human psyche as a framework of experiences in which the sense of identity or Self extends beyond the personal biography. It works with the self beyond the ego, self-development, spiritual experiences, altered states of consciousness, psychedelic experiences, near death experiences or spiritual crises.

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Psychedelics are substances either organic or synthetic in nature which induce altered states of consciousness. Research is showing their tremendous value for psychotherapy as hundreds of studies are indicating that psychedelics could potentially be more efficient than common antidepressants or other psychiatric drugs.  Their therapeutic effect is outstanding and more and more accepted in the so called west. Transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy use methods to integrate experiences induced by psychedelics.

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Spirituality is to experience a domain of awareness that represents something greater than sensory experiences. It’s a universal understanding that the human being is part of a greater whole which is divine and cosmic in nature. It is somewhat the realization that what we see is not all there is. The opening of the heart and understanding of a divine order are crucial parts of true spirituality.

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