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Classic Psychology
Alternative Methods

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in Clinical


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with alternative
methods, eg. 
Plant Medicine,
spiritual Practices

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Study in 

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-I offer flexible one-to-one sessions designed 
to cater to your unique needs.
-Plant-Medicine Integration-Therapy
-Plant Medicine Consultation

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One Day Deep Dive with Plant Medicine and psychological support. 
Designed to facilitate deep self-exploration and healing, this therapy
allows clients to unlock new perspectives and insights in a safe
and controlled environment. 
-Online & Offline options

An exclusive journey for emotional well-being and self-discovery.
Professional preparation and aftercare for
a transformative experience with psychological support.

I combine the principles of modern psychology with the transformative power of plant medicine and spiritual practices.

For those seeking traditional therapy, I offer sessions with a recommendedcommitment of threemonths to ensure impactful change.

Beyond that, I offer a range of services  and sessions to guide and support you on your journey with plant medicine

All my services are available in five languages.

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Working with Plant-Medicine

Private Retreats

Book your free 15 min. Discovery Call.

WhatsApp: +351932280467

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