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Plant Medicine are substances either organic or synthetic in nature which induce altered states of consciousness. Research is showing their tremendous value for psychotherapy as hundreds of studies are indicating that psychedelics could potentially be more efficient than common antidepressants or other psychiatric drugs. 

I'm offering a 3-day retreat or a 1-day experience, both of which will take place in my current residence: Ericeira, Portugal. 
If you're interested in working with plant medicine but can't make it in person, I also provide online options.

I offer flexible one-to-one sessions designed to cater to your unique needs. Whether you prefer weekly  or fortnightly sessions, you can choose from online via Zoom or face-to-face  meetings, each lasting one hour.

These sessions are individually tailored to address your specific concerns and promote personal growth and well- being.


Individual sessions:

80 Euros per hour

3 Month-Package

of 12 Sessions: 900,00 Euros

After any experience with plant medicine, it is essential to integrate the experiences and feelings.

With me you can take advantage of a special integration therapy to process and understand what you have experienced.

Especially because intense emotions and realizations often arise, this step is essential for a sustainable healing and transformation.

The prices for integration therapy are the same as our regular therapy hours.

You have heard a lot about Plant Medicine, you are interested but want  to know more?!

Feel free to book your consultation appointment with me. You can ask me any question and I can offer you information about how it works, harm- reduction tools, and where to find it.

30 Min. Session: 60 EUR

In recognition of the importance of set and setting in ensuring a profound experience with plant medicine,
I also offer 'Online Trip-Sitting' services.

This allows me to accompany and supportclients through their sessions remotely, ensuring a safe environment and reducing potential risks.

Designed to facilitate deep self-exploration and healing, this therapy allows clients to unlock new perspectives and insights in a safe and controlled environment.

Trip-Sitting & Follow-Up Call


333,00 EUR

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Working with Plant-Medicine

Private Retreats

Book your free 15 min. Discovery Call.

WhatsApp: +351932280467

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