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Working with Plant-Medicine

Preparation Call:

  • Thorough screening for mental health issues to ensure your suitability for the retreat.

  • Detailed information about plant medicine and its effects on the brain.

Retreat Day:

  • Hike in nature to exhaust the body 

  • Meditation, preparing for the Ceremony

  • Experience starts around 12am, guided by 2 specialized therapists

  • Supported plant medicine journey with therapeutic music

  • Optional: Massage & Reiki Healing for anxiety relief

  • Sharing about the experience

Integration Call:

  • Post-experience reflection and shared insights.

  • Discussing the profound insights from the plant medicine journey.

  • Guidance for integrating your experience into daily life.

PRICE: 444,00 EUR

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Working with Plant-Medicine

Private Retreats

Book your free 15 min. Discovery Call.

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